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De tabel hieronder bevat een overzicht van alle nummers die in de huidige MuMeLadder (2019) genoteerd staan, maar nog geen bespreking hebben in het Ontknopingstopic. In de laatste kolom staat de user die de review gaat aanleveren. Stuur een pm naar Gretz als je een nummer wilt bespreken.

2020 2019 Artiest Titel Nominator Review Update
nnb 1994 The Strokes Machu Picchu gerre Mausie
nnb 1993 Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun luigifort
nnb 1989 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer Arno
nnb 1988 Elvis Costello & The Attractions (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Klassiekers '14
nnb 1987 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) marsupilami
nnb 1985 Vanessa Paradis Joe Le Taxi DenDimi Koenr
nnb 1981 Keane This Is The Last Time Marty McFly
nnb 1979 The xx Say Something Loving Gretz Gretz
nnb 1976 The Replacements Androgynous arcade monkeys
nnb 1974 Wilco I'm The Man Who Loves You Cor
nnb 1971 James Sometimes titan
nnb 1970 Courtney Barnett Elevator Operator Choconas MRDammann
nnb 1968 The Sound Fatal Flaw the viking
nnb 1961 Arctic Monkeys Four Out Of Five gerre
nnb 1960 Julien Baker Appointments Simon77
nnb 1958 First Aid Kit Fireworks stardust_be Gretz
nnb 1955 The War On Drugs Eyes To The Wind Klassiekers '16
nnb 1954 Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse From the Heart Kees-Jan Kees-Jan
nnb 1952 Hazel O'Connor Will You 50tracks
nnb 1951 Ben Howard A Boat To An Island On The Wall gerre
nnb 1950 Kirsty MacColl They Don't Know starbright boy
nnb 1949 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Messages vigil
nnb 1947 The Alan Parsons Project Don't Answer Me dynamo d Kees-Jan
nnb 1946 The Last Shadow Puppets Bad Habits nelis
nnb 1942 Siouxsie And The Banshees Christine Choconas
nnb 1941 Absynthe Minded My Heroics Part One Scorpion_21
nnb 1940 Morrissey Irish Blood, English Heart johan de witt
nnb 1937 Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me A Tale charlotte2807
nnb 1934 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Free Fallin' mauricedegier
nnb 1931 Anderson .Paak Feat. Schoolboy Q Am I Wrong? Titmeister Titmeister
nnb 1930 The Golden Earrings Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart Jester
nnb 1929 Uriah Heep Easy Livin' 50tracks
nnb 1926 Townes Van Zandt Pancho & Lefty Edgar18 Kees-Jan
nnb 1919 John Cale Paris 1919 Scorpion_21
nnb 1917 Wim de Craene Rozane Scorpion_21
nnb 1915 The Bluetones Slight Return Marty McFly herman
nnb 1914 Teenage Fanclub The Concept da_smiek
nnb 1913 Nirvana Polly Klassiekers '16
nnb 1909 Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel Magick1 Kees-Jan
nnb 1904 College & Electric Youth A Real Hero Gretz Gretz
nnb 1897 Ride Twisterella luigifort
nnb 1876 Tindersticks Whiskey & Water STaRS
nnb 1875 Lorde Team 123poetertjes Gretz
nnb 1874 Spinvis Artis bonothecat Gretz
nnb 1864 Saybia Stranded Jester
nnb 1863 Lloyd Cole And The Commotions Jennifer She Said Marty McFly
nnb 1849 T.C. Matic Elle Adore Le Noir (Pour Sortir Le Soir) El Ninjo
nnb 1844 The Byrds My Back Pages stardust_be
nnb 1838 ABC All Of My Heart johannesA
nnb 1837 Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror charlotte2807
nnb 1836 Daryl Hall & John Oates Maneater Sunderland
nnb 1835 Pennywise Bro Hymn Tribute Poek
nnb 1833 James Brown Down and Out in New York City motel matches
nnb 1830 Aafke Romeijn Blokken Onweerwolf Gretz
nnb 1826 James Taylor Fire and Rain Marty McFly
nnb 1824 Ike & Tina Turner Nutbush City Limits Lukas
nnb 1823 Gang Of Four Damaged Goods Titmeister Titmeister
nnb 1810 Courtney Barnett Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party VladTheImpaler
nnb 1808 David Bowie feat. Pet Shop Boys Hallo Spaceboy vigil herman
nnb 1805 R.E.M. Welcome To The Occupation WhyNotSmile
nnb 1803 Roy Orbison In Dreams Bucquoy Kees-Jan
nnb 1796 Sonic Youth Incinerate AstroStart
nnb 1795 Chic Good Times cosmic kid
nnb 1788 Madonna Like A Virgin cosmic kid herman
nnb 1785 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Girl in Amber tbouwh Titmeister
nnb 1781 Al Green Take Me To The River catdog
nnb 1780 Echo and the Bunnymen Nocturnal Me johan de witt
nnb 1779 Boudewijn De Groot Als De Rook Om Je Hoofd Is Verdwenen titan Kees-Jan
nnb 1777 Ben Howard Nica Libres At Dusk the viking
nnb 1776 My Morning Jacket One Big Holiday Outlaw104
nnb 1769 Chromatics Dear Tommy ArthurDZ
nnb 1767 Ladytron International Dateline Lukas
nnb 1760 The Jayhawks Waiting For The Sun mol
nnb 1751 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Der Mussolini hoi123
nnb 1750 Glen Hansard Bird Of Sorrow Guessmaker
nnb 1749 Air Cherry Blossom Girl gerre
nnb 1741 Melanie De Biasio Your Freedom Is The End Of Me El Ninjo Koenr
nnb 1740 The Sugarcubes Birthday johan de witt
nnb 1739 Prefab Sprout Appetite johan de witt
nnb 1735 Blur This Is A Low Gebruiker43757
nnb 1731 Pearl Jam Last Kiss 50tracks
nnb 1729 De La Soul Me, Myself And I cosmic kid
nnb 1728 Emma Ruth Rundle Darkhorse El Ninjo
nnb 1722 Snail Mail Pristine arcade monkeys
nnb 1713 The Gun Club Sex Beat Ataloona
nnb 1709 London Grammar Hell To The Liars hoolie55
nnb 1702 Eels A Line In The Dirt Simon77
nnb 1699 808 State In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) Dance Lover herman
nnb 1697 Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove Silent_shout
nnb 1696 Duran Duran The Reflex marsupilami
nnb 1692 Echo & The Bunnymen Rescue Manfield
nnb 1685 The War On Drugs Holding On dumb_helicopter
nnb 1678 George Michael Careless Whisper Silent_shout Kees-Jan
nnb 1676 George Michael Father Figure Klassiekers '17
nnb 1674 Heart Alone curufin
nnb 1673 Tröckener Kecks Nu of Nooit Klassiekers 19
nnb 1672 Sonic Youth Kissability arcade monkeys
nnb 1668 Alvvays Plimsoll Punks Gretz herman
nnb 1666 The Scene Open MRDammann
nnb 1664 Donny Hathaway The Ghetto thelion
nnb 1662 The Juan MacLean A Simple Design Gretz Gretz
nnb 1660 The God Machine Dream Machine pauljojo
nnb 1652 Elbow The Bones Of You vigil
nnb 1650 Frank Boeijen Groep De Verzoening Kees-Jan Kees-Jan
nnb 1648 Kate Bush Babooshka Snoeperd
nnb 1647 Linkin Park In The End JoaMuse MRDammann
nnb 1642 Elbow Magnificent (She Says) titan
nnb 1641 David Bowie Where Are We Now? Grafmat herman
nnb 1640 Diana Ross & The Supremes Reflections mauricedegier Kees-Jan
nnb 1636 Interpol C'mere Simon77
nnb 1632 Pink Floyd Run Like Hell DjFrankie jordidj1
nnb 1630 The Smiths Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want johan de witt
nnb 1622 Nirvana In Bloom DenDimi
nnb 1620 Spinvis Trein Vuur Dageraad aERodynamIC MRDammann
nnb 1618 Sheila E A Love Bizarre Silent_shout
nnb 1605 Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls Simon77
nnb 1603 The Doors Strange Days Simon77
nnb 1595 The 13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me pauljojo herman
nnb 1582 Susanne Sundfør White Foxes Arno
nnb 1578 Sufjan Stevens The Only Thing Co Jackso
nnb 1574 Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Edgar18
nnb 1571 LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge Klassiekers 18 herman
nnb 1565 The Chameleons View From A Hill Silent_shout
nnb 1555 Foo Fighters The Pretender  ?
nnb 1550 Madness One Step Beyond Gebruiker43757
nnb 1544 Yo La Tengo Our Way To Fall arcade monkeys
nnb 1539 Elbow The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver JoaMuse
nnb 1536 Japanese Breakfast Diving Woman DjFrankie
nnb 1531 PJ Harvey The Wheel El Ninjo
nnb 1525 Cœur de Pirate Place de la République Gretz Gretz
nnb 1522 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree luigifort MRDammann
nnb 1516 Françoise Hardy Comment Te Dire Adieu stardust_be
nnb 1510 Prince and the Revolution Mountains jeroentjuhh
nnb 1508 dEUS The Ideal Crash marsupilami herman
nnb 1501 The Veils Jesus For The Jugular El Ninjo
nnb 1498 Tom Waits Ol'55 Scorpion_21 Kees-Jan
nnb 1496 Julia Holter I Shall Love 2 gerre Koenr
nnb 1494 a-ha The Sun Always Shines On T.V. yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1490 Gorillaz Dare yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1488 ABBA Lay All Your Love on Me Dance Lover Kees-Jan
nnb 1477 LCD Soundsystem Call The Police wandelindenatuur
nnb 1472 LCD Soundsystem How Do You Sleep? yeahyeahyeah herman
nnb 1471 Emma Ruth Rundle Arms I Know So Well STaRS
nnb 1467 The Stone Roses Waterfall yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1465 Suzanne Vega Left Of Center Choconas
nnb 1462 Pearl Jam Dissident Simon77
nnb 1458 Leonard Cohen The Partisan marsupulami
nnb 1449 Supertramp Breakfast In America laxus11
==== 1448 The National Day I Die bonothecat
nnb 1446 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive dynamo d
nnb 1445 Slowdive Machine Gun arcade monkeys
nnb 1444 Röyksopp & Robyn Monument Aroentje Gretz
nnb 1439 Songs: Ohia Farewell Transmission Co Jackso hoi123
nnb 1433 Bruce Springsteen Nebraska Ataloona Kees-Jan
nnb 1423 Coldplay Don't Panic Magick1
nnb 1417 Feist 1 2 3 4 Poek
nnb 1411 Magazine Shot By Both Sides luigifort
nnb 1397 Moderat Rusty Nails Silent_shout
nnb 1395 The Notwist Consequence Silent_shout
nnb 1394 Perfume Genius Slip Away starbright boy
nnb 1392 Tori Amos Spark Den Dimi
nnb 1386 Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse laxus11
nnb 1384 The Killers When You Were Young JoaMuse
nnb 1382 The xx Islands yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1377 Björk Unravel JoaMuse
nnb 1375 Public Enemy Fight The Power Klassiekers 18
nnb 1371 Four Tet Locked Snoeperd
nnb 1367 Us3 Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) jeroentjuhh
nnb 1365 Tommy James & The Shondells Crimson And Clover LucM
nnb 1364 Alcest Délivrance dumb_helicopter
nnb 1357 MGMT Electric Feel yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1356 Slowdive Alison stardust_be
nnb 1353 Julien Baker Rejoice arcade monkeys
nnb 1347 Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen No Diggity catdog
nnb 1346 Kevin Morby I Have Been To The Mountain VladTheImpaler
nnb 1344 The O'Jays Back Stabbers Edgar18
nnb 1343 Lana Del Rey Born To Die stardust_be Dance Lover
nnb 1330 Counting Crows Mr. Jones Simon77
nnb 1322 Journey Don’t Stop Believin’ JohannesA
nnb 1320 Bruce Springsteen Brilliant Disguise cosmic kid
nnb 1319 Nina Simone Wild Is The Wind Klassiekers '16
nnb 1310 Simon & Garfunkel The Only Living Boy In New York stardust_be
nnb 1303 The Scene Blauw Klassiekers '17
nnb 1295 Sam Cooke Bring It On Home To Me Guessmaker
nnb 1274 Massive Attack Paradise Circus yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1273 Roy Orbison You Got It Magick1
nnb 1270 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf DjFrankie
nnb 1257 TV On The Radio Wolf Like Me Silent_shout
nnb 1255 Concrete Blonde Joey Simon77
nnb 1254 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Learning To Fly laxus11
nnb 1248 George Michael Jesus to a Child catdog
nnb 1241 The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar laxus11
nnb 1230 boygenius Me & My Dog Simon77
nnb 1219 David Bowie Moonage Daydream VladThelmpaler
nnb 1218 Courtney Barnett Pedestrian At Best Sunderland
nnb 1210 Wolf Alice Bros AstroStart
nnb 1205 Madonna Into The Groove cosmic kid
nnb 1200 Etta James At Last catdog
nnb 1199 Wim de Craene Tim starbright boy
nnb 1195 Roxy Music Same Old Scene yeahyeahyeah
nnb 1193 Weyes Blood Do You Need My Love titan
nnb 1184 The Clash Train In Vain Marty McFly
nnb 1180 Heart Barracuda Klassiekers '16
nnb 1179 Depeche Mode Precious vigil
nnb 1161 The Turtles Happy Together Magick1
nnb 1129 Earth And Fire Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight dynamo d
nnb 1127 Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto thelion
nnb 1122 LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk Is Playing At My House remcodulac
nnb 1099 Big Star September Gurls johan de witt
nnb 1095 Sufjan Stevens Mystery Of Love Onweerwolf
nnb 1076 The War On Drugs Strangest Things DjFrankie
nnb 1071 Joe Jackson feat. Elaine Caswell Happy Ending charlotte2807
nnb xxxx
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nnb 0800 Queen Tie Your Mother Down Bonk
nnb 0792 Sigur Rós Varúð Gebruiker43757
nnb 0783 Joy Division Isolation yeahyeahyeah
nnb 0702 Slowdive Star Roving yeahyeahyeah
nnb 0701 Charlotte Gainsbourg Deadly Valentine herman
nnb 0669 The Smiths That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore AstroStart
nnb 0666 Nick Drake Hazey Jane II MVW
nnb 0662 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Feat. Else Torp Distant Sky tbouwh
nnb 0631 Queen The Show Must Go On vigil
nnb 0609 Sufjan Stevens Tonya Harding (In D Major) Co Jackso
nnb 0594 Sonic Youth Kool Thing yeahyeahyeah
nnb 0554 The Verve Lucky Man stardust_be
nnb 0522 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Marty McFly
nnb 0504 Blur Girls And Boys yeahyeahyeah
nnb 0476 Talking Heads Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) yeahyeahyeah
nnb 0467 The Smiths Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now AstroStart
nnb 0403 The War On Drugs Thinking Of A Place Marco dB
nnb 0390 R.E.M. So Central Rain (I'm Sorry) johan de witt
nnb 0386 Jon Hopkins Open Eye Signal MVW
nnb 0359 PJ Harvey The Words That Maketh Murder cosmic kid
nnb 0324 The Beatles For No One hoolie55
nnb 0174 Prince And The Revolution Let's Go Crazy Edgar18